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iFlip 2.0 Now Available To Investors

iFlip 2.0 is Here

iflip 2.0 training systemIt’s been an exciting run with iFlip, the software crm that manages most of my business and my students as well.  And just when you think there is nothing more that could possibly be adding to make an already amazing tool become even more amazing, technology once again proves me wrong.  And boy, am I ever excited now.

iFlip has always been an amazing tool, but now this thing is incredible.  We’ve taken the existing model of iFlip and we’ve given it a dose of steriods – so to speak.  I mean this tool is absolutely AMAZING.  I wish I had this tool and these resources when I first got started which has been several years ago.

If you can’t tell, I’m very excited to be sharing this with you.  Let me go over just a few of features that I really like.

iFlip 2.0 Features

  • Complete Business Automation – It manages all your leads, birddogs, buyers, sellers and everything else in between
  • Buyers List – Has a complete nationwide buyer list that is updated and add to regularly
  • Direct Mail Campaign Manager – mail out proven postcards or customize your own and find cash buyers, private money lenders, buyers, bird dogs, and more.
  • Easy Website Builder – this tool allows anyone with on technical knowledge what-so-ever to point and click and build a website that is used for your business
  • Email Blaster – lets you email your lists
  • Advanced Email Marketing System – which lets you easily create and sent automated emails
  • Smart Calendar and Task Manager – keeps you up-to-date and organized on what you need to be doing on each of your deals.  You just follow what the system tells you to do.
  • Web Form Generator – allows you to create forms to capture leads from your websites
  • Rehab Commander – lets you know what the cost of repairs will be, keeps track of your funding and expenses
  • Social Media Blitz – allows you to share your deals across a whole network for social sites… 48 to be exact and counting
  • Offer Generator – this tool makes it so you just have to plug in the numbers and it spits out a maximum price you should offer on a deal.
  • Automated Comp Tool – gives you real comps for your real estate deals within seconds
  • 1-Click Deal Syndication – you can submit your properties across our network and over 30 national listing services and classified sites.
  • Multi User Support – allows you to call in anytime and talk to a LIVE person here in my office.

Wow… that’s a lot.  And I probably only mentioned half of what it’s capable of doing.

If you’re an investor, you will appreciate the new 2.0 system.  If you are doing anything with real estate right now, you will appreciate this tool.  See it was created for the sole purpose of giving me my time back.  I was working so much that I rarely was able to spend any time with my family.  I realized all I was doing was working.  The money was great, but it just wasn’t worth the lost time I had with my family.  So I set out to change that.  And that’s ow iFlip was born.

Now it has evolved into an incredible real estate money making machine that I can’t live without.  It saves me so much time, yet still gives me the lifestyle and financial freedom I want.

So, if you are investing in real estate or have any desire to invest in real estate, you at least me to try iFlip 2.0.  It will blow your mind and excite you to go make some offers.

If you want to go take a test drive, click here.