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Cameron Dunlap

Hello and welcome to Cameron Dunlap. Here you will get the see the exciting business of real estate. I’ve been buying and selling real estate now for almost 2 decades and I love it. Not only do I love the challenges, the money and excitement that comes with this business, I also love helping the people. I get to help out a bunch of homeowners who are in unfortunate situations and I also get to help those who want to learn this business.

about-cameron_dunlap Because I’m out in the trenches every day, doing this full time, I understand the challenges investors face RIGHT NOW! Not yesterday or 4 years ago. Right now. So I know what is working today and what the easiest ways are to make money in real estate. I’ve also created some really cool tools that can really help you become an expert in this business. My goal is to show you some things I’ve learned in this business and ways you can take advantage of this huge opportunity that is here right now.

Students would ask me all time, “Cameron Dunlap – what is the easiest way to make money right now for those of us that don’t have money or the credit to finance these deals?” My answer was simple. “You don’t need your own money to do deals. You can leverage other people’s money to do deals.” For years now, I have been helping my students get the money to fund their deals. It’s called transactional funding. Students will use my money to fund their back to back or simultaneous closings. It works out great for both of us.

I’ve also created several different tools and resources that real estate investors can use to make their investing experience easier and they can get more done. One of the biggest challenges investors face and I face it too, is having the time to get everything done. The real estate business can be very time consuming and I personally didn’t like the 60+ hours a week because it’s not what I signed up for. I wanted something that gave me time freedom. This is when I created iflip which is basically a virtual agent that works for me non stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I made it available so anyone could use it too. It’s awesome! You will love it.

Another big challenge that investors are facing is finding the end buyers to flip these houses to once they are under contract. With financing issues and all the red tape conventional buyers go through, it was tough to do what we do best. That’s when I found a solution with the cash buyer data feed. It’s a database of all the cash buyers in the country that have bought a property within the last month… It’s updated monthly with the newest cash buyers in every area in the U.S. It’s incredible. So now, we don’t have the issues anymore because we are targeting those who have CASH – like investors, landlords, rehabbers, and so on. So now it’s much easier to flip houses and there are no challenges with getting loans to do through or homeowners backing out. These cash buyers are here to play and make money.

That’s what I, Cameron Dunlap am all about. I want to help you make some money. I created several courses that can help you take your real estate investing game to a whole new level. Follow me and I’ll show you exactly how I do it.