Cameron Dunlap Iflip

What is Cameron Dunlap iFlip?

cameron dunlap iflipCameron Dunlap iflip is a virtual, hands off, data management system that allows investors to spend more time focusing on other aspects of their real estate business which in turn gives them more time back to do other things. It’s am amazing management system that does several things really well.

    • 1. First it trains and manages a team of bird dogs. One of the challenges that investors face is keeping a good steady flow of properties coming in. If you have a good steady flow of properties, then all you need to do is make the offers and close on the deals. The problem is getting that steady flow of properties can be very time consuming unless you have others do it for you. And even when you have others do it for you, they have to be managed and trained the right way so they know what you are looking for. This can be very time consuming as well and not very efficient because many of these bird dogs won’t do anything.This is what makes the Cameron Dunlap iflip system so appealing. It does everything. It attracts the bird dogs through a website when they are trained and educated on exactly what to look for. They understand all the requirements you are looking for and know that they don’t get paid until they meet all the requirements. The system allows you to review the properties before you accept them and then the bird dogs get paid the agreed price. While this is running, you can focus your efforts on other pieces like making the offer and finding the buyers.
    • 2. It has a nationwide database of buyers. We spend a lot of time and resources driving traffic to our network of sites. Over the years, we have been able to create a huge buyers list of individuals who have specifically requested more information or who have expressed an interest in buying properties. We are constantly adding to this list each month and you will be notified each time a new buyer is found in your area. We also show you how to add to this buyers list for your own area.


  • 3. We also give you website templates that will be used in attracting your bird dogs, your buyers and also sellers. In total you have 3 “already done for you” websites. They are already set up and ready to do. All you need to do is get the domain name.

How Cameron Dunlap Iflip Has Evolved

Recently we’ve added some really cool new features to Cameron Dunlap Iflip that I think you’re going to love. I won’t mention all of them because there are too many. Just know that we are pretty excited about iflip 2.0.

1. Web Analytics – this will allow you to track visitors to your sites and find ways to optimize your sites for a broader market reach
2. Discussion Forum – this will allow you to talk to others who are using iflip, network with them, find more ways to help each other out and get help from others.
3. Documents and Forms – you’ll be able to store all your personal documents and forms here so you know where they are at all times. Plus you’ll get our library of contracts you can use for your deals
4. Social Media Integration – now you can share your deals with all your friends and let others know too
5. Rehab Commander – this allows you to manage all your rehab deals, estimate costs of repair, track all your expenses, upload before/after photos of the property and even print a detailed summary when the deal is done.

I could go on and on about Cameron Dunlap iflip. You just need to experience it and see for yourself how great it really is. Right now we are offering a TRIAL of iflip for only $1.95. I don’t know how long we will be offering it at that price. You have basically nothing to lose and a lot of time to get back so you can have more time to do other things.

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