Cameron Dunlap iFlip Review

This Cameron Dunlap iFlip Review will give you a better understanding of the data management software that is changing lives. Whether or not you are an experienced investor or just getting started, this Cameron Dunlap iFlip Review will help you determine if it’s right for you.

cameron dunlap iflip reviewWhat is iFlip? iFlip is a CRM and business management platform that will manage all your buyers, sellers, bird dogs, lenders, rehabs and YOU! Yes it manages you and your time. With iFlip, you will be able to maximize all your efforts so you can have more time to do those things you want to do without sacrificing your income.

Let’s get into more details…

One of the biggest advantages with iFlip is bird dog management. See as an investor, you can spend several hours of your day looking for properties. This is not a bad thing, someone has to do it, but this may not be the best use of your time. So we leverage others to do this house hunting for us.

With iFlip, you can automate the finding process. First you will place an ad to attract these bird dogs. Trust me, it’s not uncommon to find 100’s. But that’s ok, because only a few actually send you any deals. It doesn’t matter either because the system does all the training so you don’t have to spend hours training people who don’t do anything.

Once they find a property, they are trained on exactly what to do with it. Once it’s submitted, you have the final say as to whether or not it fits your criteria and BOOM! You have a potential deal waiting for you so you can quickly flip for a profit. Now you will have to pay your bird dogs a fee, but it’s so small it’s almost negligible. Plus the system pays them automatically once it’s approved – by you.

Another huge benefit is the nationwide buyers list. We’ve been slowly accumulating a nationwide buyers list of hungry active buyers that are looking for great deals. You will be able to let them know you have a great deal. You can also build your own buyers list using the iFLip system.

Although there are about 30 other features, this Cameron Dunlap iFlip Review is mainly focusing on the management side of things pertaining to the bird dogs, houses and You.

Here is what a few others are saying about iFlip…

“I just wanted to let you know, I’m iFlip for life! After less than a week, I’ve found your support to be the best. I’ve used four or five other program that charge much more but delivered much less. The thing that distinguishes iFlip from the rest is the fact it does what it says and beyond that when you have a problem that requires support, You get it in a matter of minutes or worst case scenario in an hour or two that day. Hey your problem gets solved. Tip of the hat to you! I’m fired up. Bring on the 2.0!!

P.S. I ran my Bird Dog Ad on and and in less than 24 hours I have six Bird Dogs signed up.”

~ Mark B.

“Just wanted to let you know how well the iFlip Real Estate system is working for me. Currently I have 119 bird dogs here in Omaha alone and more properties coming in than we can handle. It is truly amazing how well this iFlip Real Estate system works if you work the system. I’ve done two assignments so far ($5k/ea.) and am scheduled for 3 more in the next two weeks. My goal is to do 6 to 8 per month. Thank again!”

~ Richard K.

“This program really works. I been flooded with bird dogs all day and still have more signing up this minute. I even had a field inspector email me that he see about 500 vacant houses a month for different banks he works for and wants my help to move them. This is powerful stuff you created. I look forward working with you on these leads. Thanks Cam this has changed my outlook in Real Estate Investing.”

~ Reymond Leyba

iFlip Trial

Yes, iFlip really does work. If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be creating this Cameron Dunlap iFlip Review. Now, I realize you may not know me very well or trust me – yet. So here’s what I decided to do… I first want to build a relationship with you so you know who I am and know I am real. I am offering a complete training program, with me and a trial of iFlip so you can see it in action. I show you exactly what I am doing on a daily basis and how you can make money flipping properties like me.

Here is a link to test drive iFlip for only $1.95 a month. I promise it will be the best $1.95 you ever spend 😉

Cameron Dunlap
Real Estate Investor

P.S. If you’ve used iFlip and have something to share, please leave a comment below

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